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Healthcare Investment, Healthcare Consulting & Fund Investment


Medical & Healthcare Delivery


Medical Technology - Medical Devices & Equipment - Pharmaceuticals - Healthcare Services

Core Business Segments

Quantum Health is 100% focused on the healthcare sector including:

  • General practice and medical centre
  • Specialist medical
  • Allied health practices
  • Private hospitals
  • Aged care centres
  • Other medical businesses


1. Healthcare Investment

– Focuses on healthcare services businesses
– Origination of healthcare businesses
– Capital investment
– Long term ownership
– Management participation

2. Healthcare Consulting

– Structuring of healthcare entities
– Improve services delivery
– Organisation of capital raisings
– Providing organisation management
– Practice mergers and roll ups

3. Fund Investment

– General Partner (GP) in Healthcare related funds
– Investment evaluation and valuation
– Fund investment

Quantum Health

Our Competitive Strengths 1
Investment Theory 2
Industry Drivers 3
Expected Portfolio Mix 4

healthTrack record of operating healthcare businesses

  • QH have successfully run small clinics to listed multi-specialty clinics
  • They have operated complicated balance sheet heavy organisations such as private hospitals
  • Deep understanding of the practicalities of running healthcare businesses

Multiple options to own, structure and operate healthcare businesses

  • Healthcare businesses require different resources to operate at it’s optimum. QH is well established, able to draw on multiple levels resources and are able also to manage them effectively

Led by an experienced and dedicated management team

  • Each of our management team has more than 20 years experience in healthcare and finance
  • We have established long standing working relationships with healthcare professionals

Tailored methodology for the healthcare sector

  • We use a unique methodology of evaluating, valuing and developing healthcare business
  • Focuses on tangible and intangible areas of healthcare businesses

jigsawEvaluation and valuation of healthcare businesses

Duration of Investment

  • Healthcare is an industry that require relatively long investment periods
  • In order to enjoy higher returns for healthcare investments, it requires patience and an understanding of future trends

Focus on tangible aspects

  • The balance sheets of healthcare businesses are specialised and need industry knowledge to evaluate. Fixed assets for example such as equipment are often unique to that particular medical service

Focus on intangible aspects

  • Unique to healthcare business are intangibles assets
  • These intangible assets include
  • Customers: which can be other healthcare providers, patients or third party payer (eg insures)
  • Reputation
  • Expertise

Our theory in evaluating and valuing a business is to concentrate not just on the tangible aspects of a healthcare business but to identify and understand the intangible aspects. We believe that a balanced recognition and focus on the development of the tangible and the intangible attributes of a healthcare business will result in higher returns in the long term.


Pharmaceuticalsportfolio_mix copy

– Pharmaceutical materials
– Generic pharmaceuticals
– Health Supplements
– Biotech

Devices & Equipment

– Medical aids
– Medical devices and systems
– Medical supplies

Medical Technology

– Big data
– Tele-radiology
– Mobile healthcare

Healthcare Services

– General Practices
– Specialist treatment/Centres
– Hospitals
– Laboratories
– Imaging centres