Asiamedic Limited

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  • Asiamedic Limited

Key Involvement

  • Took over listed plastic injection moulding company and restructured it into a specialist healthcare company
  • Disposed of the plastics business by spinning off into a separate listed company (Juken Group)
  • Operated and managed specific healthcare business. Introduced new innovative medical products to Singapore
  • Organised strategic and financial investors, carried out several rounds of fund raisings
  • Restructured organisation to allow exit


  • Successful carried out a Reverse Takeover of Singapore listed company
  • Introduction of the first Positron Emission Tomography (PET) Scan centre to Singapore
  • Also partnered SGH and Parkway to bring in the first Cyclotron Machine into Singapore
  • Introduced one of the first Volume CT enabling non invasive cardiovascular scans for heart studies. Serviced a group of more than 30 Cardiologist
  • Introduced the Custom Vue and Wave Front Lasiks procedures
  • Organised and managed the sale and takeover of the Company to the Salim Group

Asiamedic Limited is a listed speciality medical service provider in Singapore. It is listed on the Singapore Stock Exchange and has been delivering excellence in service since 1997. The Company provided Medical Imaging, Specialist Eye Care, Wellness and Executive Health Screenings, Medical Aesthetics and PET/CT Scans.